Lack of reviews… Holy shit!

5 06 2009

Okay so… I’m sure a lot of you have realised that I havent put out a review in a bit. No, I havent stopped watching anime, and no I am not stopping my reviews..  A few weeks back my laptop developed a problem and none of the tech shops in town can fix it. Which sucks.. I have found someone who says that they can fix it, but it requires me shipping it out of town.. Which I will be doing this comming Monday.

Anyways, I keep all of my anime on a external harddrive, so on the bright side I havent lost anything. As well, I am now using one of my friends desktop computers as my replacement. As he still has his laptop so he was nice enough to lend me his desktop.

So what else can I say.. Well, I can say you should expect a review on Sunday, Maybe even tomorow, although I think I will be working a 12 hour day. So your best bet is Sunday. I’m not going to review a bunch of shows, I’ll probably just pick 2 or 3 of the ones that have most of my attention this season.

I will be honest too.. I’m slightly upset with this season as of so far. There are a few shows I like but, for the ammount of shows out there.. Its kinda sad.  My only hope is that the next half season (the 12 ep shows) will bring in some more excitment.

Anywhoo, intill Sunday then.


The New Season Run Down!

12 04 2009



I’ll start with K-ON!.  It is a good show so far.. Plot is pretty straight foreword, and all in all.. Another school life comedy centered around a group of girls.  The basis of this one is 4 girls in the light music club who.. can barely play music.  If you liked such shows as Hyakko, Sketchbook Full Colour, and others, you should enjoy this show. Personally I think the characters in K-ON! have more personality then most other shows. This is definitely a show I will keep watching.

Asura Cryin’


I’m not sure where I stand on Asura Cryin’, partly because I have no bloody idea whats going on. About as much as I know right now is some ghost is always around the main character, some people can see her but most can’t, and people keep trying to kill him as of resent. Or atleast steal a box that his brother gave him.  Now take that, add in your normal childhood friend that has a crush on you, a few other new hot girls, and a crazy old man.. You get Asura Cryin’.  I’ll stick with it for now, but it just seems kinda.. Well.. I dunno.  Maybe after I figure out whats going on I’ll have a better picture.

Full Metal Alchemist – REMAKE!


Its a remake… What more else can I say? It is suppose to follow the manga more, so I guess those who loved the manga and hated the show might like this remake. However I don’t read manga, and I loved the show. To me this just seems stupid. But.. I’ll keep watching it in till I get pissed off more at it for being a remake.

I can understand some remakes you know.. Kannon, that needed to be remade. The story line was good but the animation sucked so much in the first one.  Uhm.. But not FMA.. Either way sure follow the manga more if you want. But.. I even think they jumped the gun on that one already seeing as they met Hughes and his daughter AFTER SHE WAS BORN and if I’m not mistaken they helped in her birth in the first series and the manga.

So if you don’t mind my saying… WAY TO FUCK UP ALREADY!


Short Edit here: thanks to ihateyouranimes in the comments, I have been mistaken. And actually I remember this. In the manga they give birth to a kid, but not Hughes daughter. I remember reading that one part of the manga as well. So okay maybe they haven’t fucked up yet.

Valkyria Chronicles


The old days.. With war, death, and the dumb guy drawing trout.  It is a good show so far. Nt much else to say.. Just.. Good!

Natsu no Arashi



No really.. Just a dumb show. Nothing more, and a lot less. I couldn’t even finish the first episode.



I dunno.. Its a show about Japanese dominoes.. Honestly, it is. I mean.. sure it has more to it, and I did like the first episode. But.. its still a show about a board game. Sure there is more to it then just that. Character development and so on.. But.. Dominos…



…When the world goes crazy on carbon laws… No seriously. Its like Green Peace had sex with PITA and took over the world.


I have a few more shows from this season I have started, however I will get to those another day.

Hayate no Gotoku – Season 2 – Ep 1 – I ran.. I ran so far away..

4 04 2009


Alright, well lets get started on the second season of Hayate no Gotoku. First Id like to say if you are wondering about the title.. It is ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’ you cunt, learn your music! And if you got that from just reading it.. Well.. That’s kinda sad.

So first episode was alright, however, I miss the narrator. I mean, sure he was still there, but he wasn’t at the start of the credits, or at the end of the show. You know saying something like “Next time, we will fight angry Lego men!”.  Uhm, alright, so episode 1 was pretty dull. More or less going over each of the characters again, trying to get Nagi to exercise and go into a race, and so on. But, still a decent show, and it ended on a cliff hanger on which Hayate is not a bum in debt do to Nagi loosing a bet… Ehehe Poet..

So what can I tell you? Well for one, I am not sure if this season will go a while 52 episodes like the first. However if it does, I will watch each one because I love this show. In less they just… decide to turn around and make crap.   So it is good, can’t say much else on it. Only 1 episode in after all. But… Watch it.

White Album Ep 13, Half ending? Ending Season 1? Ending till October!

30 03 2009


Well, episode 13.. Dunno weather to call it a season end or not.. But needless to say it is the end in till October.  Well, it was a good episode, actually one of the better ones I think. I’m not exactly what to review on this. For those of you not familiar with White Album it is about a couple, with the girl becoming a young idol, and the guy just being.. a guy. Of course draw in drama, stress, doubt, and you got the show.

In my opinion I think that episode will be the turning point, and I still have high hopes for the show, as well as the couple. But.. As School Days and other shows have showin.. I am not good at guessing the outcome.

So.. Yay? Watch the show, it is good. And, that’s it.


Oh yea, it ended on a good cliff hanger.

Okay, so not quite done. But I don’t want to go on and on repeating myself. White Album is the Drama of the season. I do wish that inastead of splitting a full season up, they would just carry on, but that’s okay. In October White Album will be one of the shows I am looking foreword to, and I will be right on it the moment I see it subbed.

So, if you are looking for a show to watch while waiting for the Spring Season to kick in, try out White Album.

Toradora – End Of The Road For Little Tom

26 03 2009

…No little Tom in the show sadly..



Well, it was a decent ending. However I think a lot more could have been done with it, mind you I think that on a lot of shows. But really, I was expecting a bit more out of everything. The show decided to skip a year, Taiga buggers off before this of course as well. Uhm.. Just.. I think they honestly went lazy. Sure they tossed in a bunch of (old man saying alert) “Mumbo Jumbo” about working hard, try your best, do.. something? Some might like this, and think the ending was trying to do more then just “oh and they love each other, everyone is happy, happy ending, little Tom got saved,[…]” whatever.. I understand that, and if they just did that I would be complaining just as much.  Just.. I think in those 24 minutes a lot more could have gone on to make it better. What exactly? I’m not sure.. Just.. More detail maybe.. Maybe not to skip ahead a year, stuff like that.


In the end it all worked out though.. What was figured to happen did happen and so on.  Thus the ending of the stereotypical “I love you”


I also didn’t like the none realistic parts about this show. Such as how everything was put together, how everyone acted, how things ended up, the friends in the classroom… Its just when I try to think of real people acting it out.. I can’t. I mean, Ive been through high school and college. I’m 21 turning 22 and I have a 2 year old daughter. So, Ive been through most parts in life, at least in the school anime scene. And I do not think that any of this stuff (mostly just everyone in the classroom and random stuff) has ever happened to me, or I haven’t seen in real life. Now I realize that I’m trying to draw a comparison between real life and a anime. To be realistic that is almost like beating the stupid accent out of a Australian. Its just not worth it in the long run.  But there are a few shows out there that can pull of a semi realistic stage of events, characters and so on. Toradora just was not one of them in my opinion.

So final thoughts.. I did enjoy the show, as much as I like to bitch about things. I will probably re watch it one day, as I have with many other shows I have enjoyed. So what can I tell you if you have not watched toradora yet? Don’t take my bitching badly on the show.. It is good, and you should watch it.

Minami-ke Third Season So Far annnnd Lovely Complex

25 03 2009



Now, some of you might find what I am about to say odd. In fact I am sure a lot of you will think I have something wrong with me when I say that the third season is the worst season out of the 3.  Most of you out there have been saying that this is in fact the second best season, as season 2 was “Such crap” as someone once told me.  I think that this current season is that crap.

What happened? Well there was a point that was hit. All the jokes, all the hitting of the middle sister, everything has been done. This season comes up with nothing new, or at least noteworthy.

I must credit the producers, Asread however. I mean, they went out, got a mentally challenged person and asked him to help on the episode layout.  I mean I sure as hell HOPE that whoever designed this layout is mentally challenged. You see when I watch a show I like them to be set up like this:

Small Clip Of Episode (30 seconds to 1 minute) – Starting Credits – Full Episode – Ending Credits – Preview for Next Episode.

Now this set up has worked for many a year, and many a show. It is a stable set up, designed for clarity, and optimum performance. Now this is what happens when the mentally challenged are put in charge:

Episode (7 minutes or so) – Starting Credits – Another 7 minutes of Episode – Ending Credits – Another 7 minutes of Episode.

Now just look at this shit pile of a mess. Why the hell would you put the layout like this?! Good for you Asread on hiring the mentally challanged but, next time just put them to work in the Mail Room so they can sniff glue.

Lovely Complex


Someone on desided to make a recomondation that if you watched and like Toradora then you should like Lovely Complex as it follows on the same humour train.

Well, I went ahead and decided to give a few episodes a try.  I can not STAND this show! It is just horrible! I mean.. I’m sorry I think I would rather watch all of Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi and KoiKoi 7 back to back then to finish watching Lovely Complex. Everything about this show makes me want to hit someone. The Artwork is horrible, the characters are annoying, the jokes are stupid… I dunno it just sucks! You want to know my recommendation? Don’t watch Lovely Complex. That’s it. Simple.

Okay, maybe I am being a bit mean. After all I am basing this on only have watched 3 episodes. But at this point I think it is fair to say it sucks.  If you like Lovely Complex I somehow see you also enjoying some other shit shows, such as Da Capo.

I might give it a few more episodes but.. I’m not sure.

Toaru Majutsu no Index – Ep. 24! The not so ‘RAW’ version!

21 03 2009


Well, I may not be as fast on the gun on others on the final episode of Toaru Majutsu no Index, but.. I need my sub’s. I’m not as good as some out there who are all high and mighty and can understand Japanese, I’m Canadian, what more do you want from me?

Anyways, I liked this show as I mentioned before, and I am sad to see it end. The last episode wasn’t much in my opinion, but I was no huge fan of the last story arc mind you. What else to say? I mentioned possibly everything in my last post on this show about why I like it, and the bits I didn’t like. So, without repeating myself you could find a short review.

One thing I am glad at was the hinted second season. Of course I am not aware of anything confirmed as of this moment, but I am thinking there will be. Mind you I said the exact same thing for a few other shows that seem to lack that second season. They never give second and third season to good shows, only to junk shows like Bleach. And yes start the hate mail, I hate Bleach. I said it, if you hate me, good! Just never could get into Bleach.. One of my best friends loves that show. Anyways, not a Bleach review..

So for those of you who have watched this show with me, I’m sure we are all sad to see it leave. But with the prospects of a second season fairly good.. I think we will be looking at another awesome season with the gang.

Of course we still have a special to look foreword too, but thats just one of those specials with short clips and Index is now a midget. Nothing really to look foreword to there.