The New Season Run Down!

12 04 2009



I’ll start with K-ON!.  It is a good show so far.. Plot is pretty straight foreword, and all in all.. Another school life comedy centered around a group of girls.  The basis of this one is 4 girls in the light music club who.. can barely play music.  If you liked such shows as Hyakko, Sketchbook Full Colour, and others, you should enjoy this show. Personally I think the characters in K-ON! have more personality then most other shows. This is definitely a show I will keep watching.

Asura Cryin’


I’m not sure where I stand on Asura Cryin’, partly because I have no bloody idea whats going on. About as much as I know right now is some ghost is always around the main character, some people can see her but most can’t, and people keep trying to kill him as of resent. Or atleast steal a box that his brother gave him.  Now take that, add in your normal childhood friend that has a crush on you, a few other new hot girls, and a crazy old man.. You get Asura Cryin’.  I’ll stick with it for now, but it just seems kinda.. Well.. I dunno.  Maybe after I figure out whats going on I’ll have a better picture.

Full Metal Alchemist – REMAKE!


Its a remake… What more else can I say? It is suppose to follow the manga more, so I guess those who loved the manga and hated the show might like this remake. However I don’t read manga, and I loved the show. To me this just seems stupid. But.. I’ll keep watching it in till I get pissed off more at it for being a remake.

I can understand some remakes you know.. Kannon, that needed to be remade. The story line was good but the animation sucked so much in the first one.  Uhm.. But not FMA.. Either way sure follow the manga more if you want. But.. I even think they jumped the gun on that one already seeing as they met Hughes and his daughter AFTER SHE WAS BORN and if I’m not mistaken they helped in her birth in the first series and the manga.

So if you don’t mind my saying… WAY TO FUCK UP ALREADY!


Short Edit here: thanks to ihateyouranimes in the comments, I have been mistaken. And actually I remember this. In the manga they give birth to a kid, but not Hughes daughter. I remember reading that one part of the manga as well. So okay maybe they haven’t fucked up yet.

Valkyria Chronicles


The old days.. With war, death, and the dumb guy drawing trout.  It is a good show so far. Nt much else to say.. Just.. Good!

Natsu no Arashi



No really.. Just a dumb show. Nothing more, and a lot less. I couldn’t even finish the first episode.



I dunno.. Its a show about Japanese dominoes.. Honestly, it is. I mean.. sure it has more to it, and I did like the first episode. But.. its still a show about a board game. Sure there is more to it then just that. Character development and so on.. But.. Dominos…



…When the world goes crazy on carbon laws… No seriously. Its like Green Peace had sex with PITA and took over the world.


I have a few more shows from this season I have started, however I will get to those another day.




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12 04 2009

Ed and Al (and Winry) help with a birth in the manga, but it’s not Hughes’ daughter. It’s some random character who gets introduced right there. I’m pretty sure Hughes starts mentioning his daughter the first time he’s introduced.

12 04 2009

Ah well then I suck at that one. I only red a bit here and there of the Manga. Actually not that you mention it I think that the birth was in that auto mail town.

Your right, I’m wrong..

26 04 2009

Valkria Chroncles is actually based on a TRPG by SEGA of the same name for the PS3. I remeber that scene where he’s drawing the fish only to be arrested by the town gaurds from the begining of the game, best JRPG on the PS3 at the moment.

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