Lack of reviews… Holy shit!

5 06 2009

Okay so… I’m sure a lot of you have realised that I havent put out a review in a bit. No, I havent stopped watching anime, and no I am not stopping my reviews..  A few weeks back my laptop developed a problem and none of the tech shops in town can fix it. Which sucks.. I have found someone who says that they can fix it, but it requires me shipping it out of town.. Which I will be doing this comming Monday.

Anyways, I keep all of my anime on a external harddrive, so on the bright side I havent lost anything. As well, I am now using one of my friends desktop computers as my replacement. As he still has his laptop so he was nice enough to lend me his desktop.

So what else can I say.. Well, I can say you should expect a review on Sunday, Maybe even tomorow, although I think I will be working a 12 hour day. So your best bet is Sunday. I’m not going to review a bunch of shows, I’ll probably just pick 2 or 3 of the ones that have most of my attention this season.

I will be honest too.. I’m slightly upset with this season as of so far. There are a few shows I like but, for the ammount of shows out there.. Its kinda sad.  My only hope is that the next half season (the 12 ep shows) will bring in some more excitment.

Anywhoo, intill Sunday then.




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