White Album Ep 13, Half ending? Ending Season 1? Ending till October!

30 03 2009


Well, episode 13.. Dunno weather to call it a season end or not.. But needless to say it is the end in till October.  Well, it was a good episode, actually one of the better ones I think. I’m not exactly what to review on this. For those of you not familiar with White Album it is about a couple, with the girl becoming a young idol, and the guy just being.. a guy. Of course draw in drama, stress, doubt, and you got the show.

In my opinion I think that episode will be the turning point, and I still have high hopes for the show, as well as the couple. But.. As School Days and other shows have showin.. I am not good at guessing the outcome.

So.. Yay? Watch the show, it is good. And, that’s it.


Oh yea, it ended on a good cliff hanger.

Okay, so not quite done. But I don’t want to go on and on repeating myself. White Album is the Drama of the season. I do wish that inastead of splitting a full season up, they would just carry on, but that’s okay. In October White Album will be one of the shows I am looking foreword to, and I will be right on it the moment I see it subbed.

So, if you are looking for a show to watch while waiting for the Spring Season to kick in, try out White Album.




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