Toradora 24.. a little bit. But mostly Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi!

20 03 2009


Well, just watched episode 24 for Toradora and I was actually caught off guard by the “Lets run away part”.  But okay cool… Will make a interesting episode 25 I’m sure. Of course I’m pissed that it is Taiga and not Minori. However… Kinda figured it would go that way.. Okay I knew it would.

Not much of a review for Toradora in this post, just a saying that, hey, watched episode 24, yay things!

What I really want to write about today is;

Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi


I hate this show, and yet… I’m still watching it.. Alright, so it isn’t a current series or anything but I saw it on a site one day, decided to give it a try.  I don’t know why I keep watching it… At the moment I have watched 9 episodes out of 12… And I watched the Christmas Special thing. So I think the main reason why I am still going now is the fact that I’m almost done. I just.. I can not possibly recommended this show to anyone. It is just.. Horrible. I mean, the plot is so simplistic and straight foreword that it is boring. I can only say I can really stand 2 characters the rest are annoying twats, and even the 2 I can stand I want to reach into my tv (computer hooked up to my 42 inch for shows) and strangle them.  This show just shows what crap anime is. When the writers just don’t give a crap about it!  I mean.. with episodes called “Piano” and junk.. Nice creativity, boss! And whats sad is that was probably my favorite episode. Don’t even get me started on thw one about a swimming match, or the random one about playing tennis.

I am sorry. If you like this show, good for you. I can’t say you have the best taste in shows, and I’m sure your mind must be really simple.. But good for you! You deserve a gold star!

Don’t even ask about the Christmas Special/Pre Airing thing. I mean.. First off it was a special so nothing to do with the actual show besides characters, that’s cool. But… Holy (excuse my language for younger readers) SHIT! It was bloody awful . If I saw that on TV, that wouldn’t make me want to watch the show, I would be like “Oh thanks, you just showed that this show that will be airing soon is a waste of time”.

I have seen some pretty bad anime in the last year and a bit, and even if it is bad I try to watch it all. Some shows like KoiKoi7, and some other stupid one about Aliens making a boy a girl and junk.. Can’t remember that name.. But I actually had to stop watching those shows. So, alright, atleast I still plan to finish Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi, so I’m sure it deserves some points for that. But beating KoiKoi7 is like beating a drunk midget at a growing contest. Okay, sorry I will be politically correct.. Drunk little person, at a growing contest.




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