Minami-ke Third Season So Far annnnd Lovely Complex

25 03 2009



Now, some of you might find what I am about to say odd. In fact I am sure a lot of you will think I have something wrong with me when I say that the third season is the worst season out of the 3.  Most of you out there have been saying that this is in fact the second best season, as season 2 was “Such crap” as someone once told me.  I think that this current season is that crap.

What happened? Well there was a point that was hit. All the jokes, all the hitting of the middle sister, everything has been done. This season comes up with nothing new, or at least noteworthy.

I must credit the producers, Asread however. I mean, they went out, got a mentally challenged person and asked him to help on the episode layout.  I mean I sure as hell HOPE that whoever designed this layout is mentally challenged. You see when I watch a show I like them to be set up like this:

Small Clip Of Episode (30 seconds to 1 minute) – Starting Credits – Full Episode – Ending Credits – Preview for Next Episode.

Now this set up has worked for many a year, and many a show. It is a stable set up, designed for clarity, and optimum performance. Now this is what happens when the mentally challenged are put in charge:

Episode (7 minutes or so) – Starting Credits – Another 7 minutes of Episode – Ending Credits – Another 7 minutes of Episode.

Now just look at this shit pile of a mess. Why the hell would you put the layout like this?! Good for you Asread on hiring the mentally challanged but, next time just put them to work in the Mail Room so they can sniff glue.

Lovely Complex


Someone on MyAnimeList.net desided to make a recomondation that if you watched and like Toradora then you should like Lovely Complex as it follows on the same humour train.

Well, I went ahead and decided to give a few episodes a try.  I can not STAND this show! It is just horrible! I mean.. I’m sorry I think I would rather watch all of Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi and KoiKoi 7 back to back then to finish watching Lovely Complex. Everything about this show makes me want to hit someone. The Artwork is horrible, the characters are annoying, the jokes are stupid… I dunno it just sucks! You want to know my recommendation? Don’t watch Lovely Complex. That’s it. Simple.

Okay, maybe I am being a bit mean. After all I am basing this on only have watched 3 episodes. But at this point I think it is fair to say it sucks.  If you like Lovely Complex I somehow see you also enjoying some other shit shows, such as Da Capo.

I might give it a few more episodes but.. I’m not sure.




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