Hayate no Gotoku – Season 2 – Ep 1 – I ran.. I ran so far away..

4 04 2009


Alright, well lets get started on the second season of Hayate no Gotoku. First Id like to say if you are wondering about the title.. It is ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’ you cunt, learn your music! And if you got that from just reading it.. Well.. That’s kinda sad.

So first episode was alright, however, I miss the narrator. I mean, sure he was still there, but he wasn’t at the start of the credits, or at the end of the show. You know saying something like “Next time, we will fight angry Lego men!”.  Uhm, alright, so episode 1 was pretty dull. More or less going over each of the characters again, trying to get Nagi to exercise and go into a race, and so on. But, still a decent show, and it ended on a cliff hanger on which Hayate is not a bum in debt do to Nagi loosing a bet… Ehehe Poet..

So what can I tell you? Well for one, I am not sure if this season will go a while 52 episodes like the first. However if it does, I will watch each one because I love this show. In less they just… decide to turn around and make crap.   So it is good, can’t say much else on it. Only 1 episode in after all. But… Watch it.




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