Toradora – End Of The Road For Little Tom

26 03 2009

…No little Tom in the show sadly..



Well, it was a decent ending. However I think a lot more could have been done with it, mind you I think that on a lot of shows. But really, I was expecting a bit more out of everything. The show decided to skip a year, Taiga buggers off before this of course as well. Uhm.. Just.. I think they honestly went lazy. Sure they tossed in a bunch of (old man saying alert) “Mumbo Jumbo” about working hard, try your best, do.. something? Some might like this, and think the ending was trying to do more then just “oh and they love each other, everyone is happy, happy ending, little Tom got saved,[…]” whatever.. I understand that, and if they just did that I would be complaining just as much.  Just.. I think in those 24 minutes a lot more could have gone on to make it better. What exactly? I’m not sure.. Just.. More detail maybe.. Maybe not to skip ahead a year, stuff like that.


In the end it all worked out though.. What was figured to happen did happen and so on.  Thus the ending of the stereotypical “I love you”


I also didn’t like the none realistic parts about this show. Such as how everything was put together, how everyone acted, how things ended up, the friends in the classroom… Its just when I try to think of real people acting it out.. I can’t. I mean, Ive been through high school and college. I’m 21 turning 22 and I have a 2 year old daughter. So, Ive been through most parts in life, at least in the school anime scene. And I do not think that any of this stuff (mostly just everyone in the classroom and random stuff) has ever happened to me, or I haven’t seen in real life. Now I realize that I’m trying to draw a comparison between real life and a anime. To be realistic that is almost like beating the stupid accent out of a Australian. Its just not worth it in the long run.  But there are a few shows out there that can pull of a semi realistic stage of events, characters and so on. Toradora just was not one of them in my opinion.

So final thoughts.. I did enjoy the show, as much as I like to bitch about things. I will probably re watch it one day, as I have with many other shows I have enjoyed. So what can I tell you if you have not watched toradora yet? Don’t take my bitching badly on the show.. It is good, and you should watch it.




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