Clannad Ep. 22 – End.. Well Minus ep. 23 Special (or so Ive been told)

14 03 2009


Well, the end has come, as far as the plot line goes. I stick to my last post on Clannad.. It is a awesome show. One of those shows that will stick with you forever. All in all, I loved the second season, and it went well with what I thought of the first season.

Now of course this last episode kinda confused me. Now.. As far as I can understand of this, the girl in the world that was dead gave up her existence and during this Nagi lived during child birth and.. Well in fact it sorta re-winded everything to the first episode during the first meeting. Thus, my screen shot for this post.

I don’t have much to add.. Happy ending. I’ll fully admit this cought me off guard; as I wasn’t expecting everyone to be alive again.  It was definitely a far more happier ending then what I was expecting. Now most of my last post on this show explanes why I like Clannad far more then Kannon and Air. So if you wish to read why I think this, look up my last post on Clannad After Story.

Again not much to add, episode 22 was a great episode and did quite well as a last episode of a great show. So what are you waiting for? Watch Clannad, it’s just one of those all time great shows. That’s all, just a great show



I think I might toss up a review of Sora o Kakeru Shoujo next. A.. Interesting show for those of you who haven’t given it a shot yet. All I can say is.. Its not as bad as I thought.




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