Toradora —– The End Is Near!

13 03 2009


As we are comming to the end of Toradora I can’t help but think “Eh.. It could have been better”.  Now I’m not saying it was bad, in fact I do like the show, and I am looking foreword to the next/last episode. Now, the reason why I think it could have been better was at the start of the season there was this.. randomness. You couldn’t exactly say for sure what would happen. If you thought one thing would happen, it wouldn’t and so on.  But as the season went on it turned into almost a re run. You pretty much know what will happen at any given point.  But of course, that normally happens at the end of a show.  Maybe I just keep hoping for a sudden turn and things to go a bit differently then what they are going.. More to how I would have put it haha… Alright so its still a good show, one of the better ones this season, and I say I will probably re watch it one day.

Now as for plot line well.. It is a Harem.  Not your typical Harem but still its just that. This isn’t a show that I can do a long review on because there isn;t much I can say about it. It is a good show, has its funny moments, has its shitty moments, has its awesomeness.. I still think parts of it could have been done better but I would say it is a good show none the less and up in my top favorites.

If you haven;t yet watched Toradora yet; what are you waiting for? Just give a few episodes a try, it can’t hurt.  Toradora is a good romance, comedy, and of course is based in school life. If you are looking for a in depth show, this won’t be it, but.. Just bloody give it a try.





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13 03 2009
Bleak Oblivion

You would NOT believe the trolling this series gets online.

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