Hayate no Gotoku Season 2 Ep. 00/OVA

12 03 2009


So the OVA for Hayate no Gotoku is out and I have been looking foreword to this. Not so much the OVA, but it means the second season is going to start soon and I’m looking foreword to that.

Now, as for the OVA.. Well it was nothing more then your average swimsuit special. All of your favorite characters in skimpy swimsuits going about their normal life and all ending up at the exact same place for some reason. Okay.. there was a reason for it, but not a good one. But hey.. I’m not complaining… Favorite characters in swimsuits.. Okay, I’m down.

Not really much else to say on that.. that’s all there was. Of course there was some plot; Nagi can’t swim, Hayate wants to teach her, Nagi is jealous that Hayate spends time with other girls who aren’t as depressing as her, some demon thing takes over Nagi for revenge on behalf of all flat chested girls. Uhm.. Yea well that’s it. Pretty sure I just explained the whole story into that.

Now not that I’m saying this was a bad OVA.. Its what is expected of it really. Just a swimsuit special, nothing more, nothing less. It was nice to see some of my favorite characters back after a long (okay, not so long as I just finished watching the first season back in November) few months. All in all it just got my excited for the actuall  second season.  So, if you liked the first season of Hayate no Gotoku, watch the OVA, remember the good ol’ times, and lets get ourselfs ready for season 2!



On another note, some of you may have realised some of the links I have added to the side. So to do a quick explanation on the ones I got so far… I’ll start off with. . .

Anime Afterglow: Okay, so I came across the reviews over at Anime Afterglow about a year ago now.. And the person who writes them does a amazing job. When I was first starting to watch anime I checked out a lot of the series they reviewed and watched a lot of the shows based on that. So I thought it only fair to link to the best anime review that I know of.

Anime Take: Well, just my torrent place. Most of the current season anime makes its way onto it pretty much just after its been subbed. So if you don’t know about this site yet… It should come helpful.

My Anime List:  This place should be a given to anyone who watches anime. I like to do quick research on shows I am/will watch on there. As well you can see what your friends are watching, write reviews, or whatever. Its a fairly complex site with all that you can do, but mandatory if you are into a lot of anime.

FUS: Or Fans United for SatAM, is a site dedicated to the SatAM version of Sonic. I am actually a Admin on the boards, and been a member since I was 15.  This was also the birthplace of The Chief Review.

Kill the Mongoose: Or KTM, are boards set up by the original owner of FUS. These boards started off as a place where long time members from FUS could go to and meet up again, after leaving, or just falling out of the main FUS boards. However with new people joining these boards now too, it is slowly turning into a fun, active community. The boards are loosely for Sonic, but more general then anything.

So take a look at them, defintly look up Anime Afterglow if you haven’t already, and come back soon for more of The Chief Review.




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