Lucky Star

11 03 2009


Well, yes, this isn’t exactly a current show, but I am currently watching it for the first time. A friend of mine kept on bugging me about watching this show, and hows its the best comedy ever yadda yadda… “Okay” I said, “I’ll watch the bloody show”.

As of right now I have only watched up to episode 15, and.. It is a good show. I wouldn’t say its the best comedy out there but it is good. The characters for the most part are quite likable, and none of them seem to have those annoying trates you find in a lot of your shows these days.. especially the comedy types like this.  One of the things I do really enjoy, that some people seem to hate, is the fast paced humour and plot.  The jokes run by you fast, and if you aren’t quick on them you will find yourself lost. Each character seems to be a certain stereotype which adds for some comedy as well. Not to mention the fact that the show its self almost always makes fun of anime, which is funny cause.. It is a anime.

Now of course like any show it does have its bad parts. One of these is how much it jumps around. Now fast paced jokes, talking, and story is perfectly fine. However, the show will jump from.. place to place every few minutes. One minute they are at school in the morning, the next they are at the mall on a weekend. To some people that’s fine, but myself personally I find it annoying.

Not really much I can review in the way of story as being a comedy it just sorta goes episode to episode on its own accord. So Ive never found myself dying to watch the next episode do to some cliff hanger.

My final thoughts as of so far.. Well, yes, I’m not finished the show yet, however I do like it. It is a nice refreshing comedy, and I am not disappointed I decided to watch it. Its not up there in the top comedy section in my books, but its still bloody good. If you haven’t watched Lucky Star yet I would say give it a try. After a episode or two you will pretty much get the point of the show and realize if its for you or not.





One response

14 03 2009

I love Lucky Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tsukasa is so kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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