White Album

10 03 2009


White Album or “That other School Days” as Ive heard some people call it, is currently (at least subbed) up to episode 10. I’m not really sure what to think of it yet to be honest. For those of you familiar with School Days, and are watching White Album you may find some similarities.  However there are some differences too, so I wouldn’t expect to see any head being cut off and put into a gym bag just yet.

I do understand this show is ment as a serious drama, and of course they will put everything into over the top situations that the main character gets involved in, and again chooses what is probably the wrong choice. Actually if you are like me you will find yourself thinking… Or yelling, calling him a bloody retard. Not as much as I was doing in School Days.. But.. Still.

So In general lets see. White Album is based around.. to quote from My Anime list; “The White Album game centers around Tōya Fujī, a college student dating a rising idol singer named Yuki Morikawa. The game deals with the challenges to the couple’s relationship from the other people at Fujī’s college, Morikawa’s work, and elsewhere.”. The show pretty much just follows this, just with some add ons like how simple challenges are really Toya loving another girl, making out with his girlfriends manager, and any other thing he can do for whatever reason. They try to play him off as some innocent boyfriend caught in stress and whatever else but.. Really, If I did half that shit for whatever reason I’m sure I’d find myself single and with no friends.

Okay so enough bitching about that stuff… All in all, I like the show so far, more so then what I thought of School Days. If you just like sweet, lovey dubby guy is cute, has many girls, picks one and all is good anime.. You won’t like this. This is not a “feel good” show. It is a serious Drama and, again if you are anything like me, it will probably piss you off.  But… I still finding myself looking foreword to each episode.

So hey… Give it a go. Apparently a second season will be out for Fall season so.. Yea I’ll give that a go to. But.. 3 episodes left of this first one, so hopefully it keeps the head cutting to a minimum.





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