9 03 2009


So this isn’t my first review. Up in till now I have been doing my reviews here at FUS a message board that help run.  So this is more or less my first trail post on my own site/blog, whatever you want to call it. Weather I only get one reader out of this, or if I get a few I’ll be happy. I enjoy writing my reviews so thats good enough for me.

So my first review that I will be putting on here is none other then the first part of KissXSiss. I did it some time ago, so I’ll pretty much just be copying and pasting what I wrote over at FUS.  This is just my first trail post, so bare with me if it looks like crap or what not. As well as you will probably see the page it’s self looks… well like nothing right now. That is because I have a good friend of mine working on pimping it out, as he knows how to mess with this stuff a lot more then myself. So over the next while you should see things starting to take shape, and I’ll get on having a cool neato like banner.

Anyways.. Onwords to the first review!


So I have certain sources I go to to find out about new anime shows, and if they are good or not. These sources are normally pretty decent, so I tend to trust them when I read “Hey, new 2 episode Ova just came out, really good first episode, good animation, story line, and the voice actors are good”.

HOWEVER when it comes to KissXSis my sources must have just snorted a few lines before watching it. What this show is is a classic case of wanting to be a comedy, weird romance, and a hentai all in one go. But you see its actually none of these. It could have been a great comedy and romance but.. All the panty shots, twin sisters kissing (none blood related brother..seems to be a popular trend) and god knows what else goes on kinda takes away the real funny part to it and replaces it with “ok… so its a hentai.” But you would be wrong.
I would say “Hey ok so its like KoiKoi7 that I hated ever so much. But… Sadly in KoiKoi7 you had some nudity so you could class it almost more hentai.

Anyways, apparently a show like this is called a “Ecchi” Which in my opinion means Hentai for Christians. Or Lazy ass Hentai, Or the people who made it couldn’t make their mind up what they wanted.. Whatever. It SUCKS!

It makes me sad cause this could have been such a good show… Honestly.. it had hope.. But NO!

I was talking to a good friend of mine while watching the show and.. well this is how my play by play description went;

kissxsis-03That sums up the show quickly. And to those of you who read this and jerk yourself off to “Ecchi” and think that that it is your way of getting around saying “Oh man I’m not addicted to Hentai, I just like to watch Ecchi” You might have been able to fool me before with that! But now I know what Ecchi is… And I’m on to you!

There is still 1 more episode to come out.. And It’ll be out in spring I think.. I will watch it but… Just to confirm my rant.


So I hope that if you stumble across this page you shall continue to read my reviews. And thank you for reading the first of The Chief Review.

If you wish to take a look at my older reviews you can see them here at FUS




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