Clannad After Story

9 03 2009


I’ll say it again. Anyone who thinks that Clannad is just some second rate Kannon or Air needs to be smacked around a bit with a bat.

I’m currently up to episode 21 of the second season of Clannad and I for one find it one of the greatest shows; at least of its genre.  Although Kannon, for whatever reason, seems to have a larger fan base, Clannad holds its own quite well. As for as story line, characters, even character design, I think it is better. Sure I liked Kannon, it was a nice show but… Did get annoying in parts. Not to say Clannad is without its faults, there are a few parts that I found myself sighing over do to the pain of watching it.. But its still good.  As for comparing it to Air.. Well I hated Air with a passion. I couldn’t even finish watching it, and that’s something to say seeing as I’ve forced myself through most of Cardcaptor Sakura, due to a request from a friend over at FUS.
Anyways,back to Clannad.. I’m not really expecting much more to come of it, in the way of plots. the season is almost over, and I’m guessing they are on the last story.  If you haven’t started watching Clannad yet.. I would almost say watch the first season, skip the movie, and then watch the second season. I found the movie.. well crap to be honest. And the second season pretty much covers it/changes it a bit anyways.

I’ll definitely write up a better review of Clannad After Story as soon as I’m finished the final episode. Not wanting to go into extream detail or spoilers in this review just in case some people aren’t at ep. 21 yet, as I know one of my good friends isn’t.

So.. How to end this… I would say watch Clannad if you liked Kannon or Air. And if you think Clannad is nothing but cheap second rate shit like some people.. Well… I just have no idea what is wrong with you.


In the next day or two I hope to toss up something on my thoughts so far about White Album.




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